The Combined Interagency Security Clearance Working Group is a joint initiative of Concerned Foreign Service Officers, The National Security Whistle Blowers Coalition and the Liberty Coalition, bringing together current and former employees of the State Department, CIA, NSA, DHS, DOC, Federal Reserve and other agencies to identify security clearance issues government-wide and lobby for constructive changes in the security clearance process.

Among other goals, the group lobbies to promote legislation:

Requiring that personnel security investigations be performed by specialists trained to perform background investigations rather than criminal investigations;

Prohibiting the use of security clearance suspension as a means to punish whistleblowers and other persons an agency wishes to discipline in violation of prohibited personnel practices;

Creating an interagency oversight board to ensure equity and fairness in security clearance adjudications;

Requiring oversight for the investigative and adjudicative process and providing civil remedies for victims of improper or illegal investigative acts;

Requiring outside review of any security clearance decision that appears to violate a Federal law, including civil rights legislation.

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